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Other People Who May Be Liable For An Accident Caused By A Drunk Minor

In some cases, the driver of a car isn't always the only party responsible for the accidents they cause. For example, if you are involved in a crash with another car and it turns out that the other driver is a drunk minor, there are several other parties you may hold liable for the crash. Here are three of those parties: The Parents of the Minor It is possible to clai

5 Signs You Need To Hire A DUI Attorney

Have you been charged with a DUI? Wondering what to do next? Scared about the future? Hiring a DUI attorney could help. Here's a look at five key situations where you need to hire one of these professionals: 1. You Don't Want to Go to Jail In many states, the punishment for a DUI can involve jail time. If you are forced to go to jail, you may lose your job, lose your

Symbolic Gestures: Taking Back Your Maiden Name

Divorce signals big changes, and not just in your marital status. If you've been using your spouse's last name since your marriage, you may now be considering a change back to your maiden name. This decision should be carefully weighed, since it may cause some additional issues to deal with at a time when a lot is already happening. On the other hand, if you wait unti

Struggling With Getting Payment On A Life Insurance Claim? How A General Attorney Can Help

General attorneys are able to take on and defend a variety of cases. When it comes to insurance claims, these cases are often open-and-shut. Most of them are resolved outside of court, too. If you are struggling with getting a payment on a life insurance claim owed to you as the surviving spouse of the deceased, here is how a general attorney can help. Death Certifica

The Keys To Your Traffic Ticket Defense

A traffic ticket doesn't have to get you down because you have access to defense lawyers and strategies that will be extremely helpful. You'll need to know some bits of information related to hiring the best lawyer for the job, while following strategies that help you to get the best outcome. If this is something that you are looking into, read below and use these tip