Understanding Legal Challenges

Understanding Legal Challenges

How Changes to Court Case Procedures May Affect Your Claim

For the next few months, at least, if not longer, court procedures are going to be vastly different than they have in the past. If you need to file a personal injury claim, that means you need to be prepared for some definite changes that could impact your financial and health statuses. Courts don't want to delay cases if they don't have to, but with health issues at

Selecting Beneficiaries For Your Will

Everything you own and everything you owe at the time of your death will be subject to the provisions you make now. The creation of a last will and testament gives people the opportunity to make decisions about their estate now. Not making out a will or using other means of addressing your estate, like a trust, means you are giving the government the power to make tho

What You Need To Know About Pro Se Child Custody Filing

As a parent, you may feel like all of the expenses associated with raising a child leave you short on cash. This becomes even more apparent when you're trying to budget for a child custody lawyer. One option that you may contemplate is pro se child custody filing; this means filing for child custody on your own, without a lawyer. Here's what you need to know about fil

Why Some People Divorce Out Of State

You don't have to divorce in your current states. In some cases, circumstances may allow you and even favor an out-of-court divorce. Here are some of the reasons an out-of-court divorce may be attractive. Residency Requirements Most states have residency requirements that you have to meet before you can divorce in the state. The residency requirements require either

Stay-at-Home Moms Can Divorce, Too

Being a stay-at-home mom comes with lots of challenges. One huge challenge is the fact that a stay-at-home mom is usually taken care of financially by her spouse. This can become a problem when the relationship takes a turn for the worse. Full-time mothers may feel as though they cannot divorce their spouse because they don't have the financial means to live without t