Understanding Legal Challenges

You Should Consider Using The Services Of A DUI Lawyer

A DUI arrest is serious. The penalties vary from one state to another, but many states are really cracking down on driving under the influence. Just a few of the punishments you may be given when you go to court on a DUI can include jail time, fines, the loss of your driving privileges, and more. One more major issue you will face if you are found guilty is it can follow you around for years on background checks. This can prevent you from getting jobs, including jobs that don't even require driving. It's best to get a DUI lawyer, and here are 4 reasons why: 

A DUI lawyer can prevent you from saying the wrong things 

When you are facing DUI charges you are fighting, it's important you don't say anything to anyone that may be turned against you in court, to make you look guilty. You can say something innocent that has nothing to do with the case, but what you say may lead you to much harsher penalties. 

DUI lawyers will keep track of important dates

There are important dates to keep track of when you are facing DUI charges. These dates include the dates that certain forms must be turned in by, court appearances, and other important dates you can't miss. If you miss an important deadline or date, then this can result in an arrest warrant being put out for you. Not only does this mean you will be staying in jail for a while, but it also looks bad to the court. When you have your day in court, you want to look responsible. Your lawyer can watch those dates and remind you of them. 

The DUI lawyer will help increase your chances of a lesser sentence

If you went to court with a public defender, then they won't know your case as well because they are normally swamped with cases. If you were to make the bad decision to try to represent yourself, then you will likely get a much harsher punishment than if you had gone with a lawyer. They will gather evidence to help your case that can be used to show you are innocent, or to get you a lighter sentence. A lawyer can be very persuasive in court, and this can be to your advantage. With everything a DUI lawyer does, it's plain to see that hiring a lawyer can really help you.

For more information, contact a DUI lawyer in your area.