Understanding Legal Challenges

Assets You Might Overlook When Going Through A Divorce

When you are filing for divorce, you will need to find all of the assets of your soon-to-be-ex partner so that you can then receive a fair share of the assets. However, there are some assets that are often overlooked. A divorce lawyer can help you avoid missing these assets.

Perks and Rewards

If you and your loved one receive certain perks or rewards, they might actually need to be divided. For example, if you have earned frequent flyer miles or credit card rewards, they might actually be valuable and you may need to determine who will be entitled to either of these assets.

Memorabilia and Other Items in Storage

If you have anything in storage, this might be another asset that could be relevant and could also be easily overlooked. Whoever has control over the storage facility might end up in control of the possessions stored in the facility unless you are able to include them in your divorce and have these possessions divided.

Your ex might have items in storage without you even realizing it. A most common example of this is memorabilia. You might have valuable memorabilia in storage and not even realize how valuable it is.


Regardless of how much time you spend at the timeshare, this is an asset that you will need to determine how to divide. You might choose to sell it and split the earnings or you may decide whether you or your partner controls the asset.

Memberships and Season Tickets

If both you and your partner have season tickets or memberships that you take advantage of, you will need to determine who will be in control of these memberships. They can be considered joint property and can be divided just like any other asset. However, you will need to determine how much they are worth.

A Lawyer Can Help You Track Down Assets

The easiest way to divide assets is to hire a divorce attorney who will assist you in the process and will help you make sure that each and every asset has been located and accounted for. You might be able to save money by avoiding court and having your assets divided through an amicable divorce.

However, if your ex is not cooperative or your divorce is too complicated, the courts will sort out who owns which piece of property, and your divorce lawyer will represent you and guide you through the process.