Understanding Legal Challenges

Has One Of Your Employees Sustained Injuries At Work? Take The Following Measures

An injury claim against you or your company can consume a significant amount of your business resources and damage its reputation. That is why you must do everything possible to prevent on-the-job injuries. But, unfortunately, it's possible for safety measures may fail sometimes. When this happens, you should know how to stop the issue from becoming very costly. That said, here are measures to take when your employee sustains injuries at work.

Have an Emergency Response Strategy

When your employee sustains an injury at work, move them to a safe place and advice other workers to avoid the hazardous area. Then, examine the employee to determine the severity of the injury. After that, offer them first aid services before calling a professional doctor to examine and treat the injured employee. As you wait for them, gather and preserve any evidence that will help you to defend yourself. That includes witness accounts, pictures of the equipment that caused the accident, the accident scene, and injuries. It is also crucial to file a claim with your insurer.

Follow Up on the Claim

Filing a claim is not enough. You also need to follow up to ensure that the employee gets money for treatment. Maintain open communication with the injured worker, the doctor, insurance agent, and everyone else involved in the claim. It will help you know the progress and what you can do to speed up the process. You may also consider creating a document outlining the workers' compensation process other potentially injured employees could follow in the future. 

Know What To Do When the Employee Files a Lawsuit

Your employee may decide to file a lawsuit if they feel that the insurance company's payment is not enough. Besides, they might sue you if they believe you could have prevented the accident, but you didn't. When this happens, contact a workers' compensation lawyer immediately. Tell them the measures you've taken and share the evidence you gathered. Your legal advisor will evaluate the documents before contacting the plaintiff's legal team. They will try to solve the case out of court to save time and money. However, if that fails, they will defend you in court to ensure that you have a fair hearing.

Don't let a lawsuit against you or your business damage your reputation. Instead, take the measures above when your employee gets injured on the job. Most importantly, hire a worker's compensation attorney to represent you in your case. They ensure that they keep your liabilities in check when injuries occur in your workplace.