Understanding Legal Challenges

Do You Have An Injury After Slipping Accidentally? 3 Negligence Issues That Deserve Compensation

Accidents resulting from slipping can cause injuries that can immensely affect your life. That includes head traumatic injuries, backache injuries, fractures, and broken hips. You have a right to compensation if the accident happens on another person's property or due to their negligence. 

However, you must show negligence by the individual to get compensated. You require the assistance of a personal injury attorney since gathering evidence in such an incident is not easy. Here are three negligence issues that require professional legal representation.

Slipping on Wet Floor or Walkways

Contact a lawyer right away when you slip and fall due to the wetness of a floor or walkway. If this occurs in a commercial building, the lawyer will prove the owner's or manager's negligence in ensuring that ice, snow, or water is cleared from the surfaces. And if you sustain the injuries on a just mopped floor, you can show their failure in setting warning signs in the wet area.

Slipping After Stepping on Fallen Merchandise

Fallen merchandise near or inside a business premise can obstruct your way, causing you to slip. A personal injury attorney will come in handy when this happens. They will file a charge against the store owner for failing to prevent supplies, equipment, trash, or debris from spilling on the floor or pathways. 

Besides that, you can sue the store owner for lack of proper organization of items, causing them to fall on the floor. Your slip and fall lawyer collects evidence to show that the items created a trip hazard that caused your injuries.

Slipping When Using an Elevator or Escalator

An accident can occur if a faulty elevator starts or stops abruptly, causing a slip or trip. This accident is likely to occur in an improperly maintained elevator. In that case, you can file a claim in court to compel the property owner or shopping mall management to compensate you for the injury.   

Additionally, the manufacturer of the elevator can be held liable if the accident occurs because of a manufacturing error. Here, your slip and fall accident attorney needs to work with experienced technicians to prove your case. Then, they will convenience the judge that the manufacturer failed to detect the fault with the evidence they gathered.

If you get injured in any of the accidents above, contact a personal injury lawyer immediately. They will gather evidence proving that the accident occurred because the responsible parties were negligent. They will then pursue compensation for your medication and other losses.