Understanding Legal Challenges

Stay-at-Home Moms Can Divorce, Too

Being a stay-at-home mom comes with lots of challenges. One huge challenge is the fact that a stay-at-home mom is usually taken care of financially by her spouse. This can become a problem when the relationship takes a turn for the worse. Full-time mothers may feel as though they cannot divorce their spouse because they don't have the financial means to live without them. Well, you don't have to continue living in an unhappy marriage. You can get out and start a new life. Here, you'll find some information that'll help you find a place to start.

Gather Financial Information

Do you know how much your spouse earns? Do you know how much is being paid out each month in bills? If you aren't kept in the loop with the family finances, now's the time to start digging. You see, your spouse has been supporting you and the kids; that support will have to continue following the divorce. Being knowledgeable about the financial situation of the family will be necessary when you move forward with the divorce.

Once you've gathered all of the financial information, you'll be able to compile a list of expenses that you'll be responsible for each month if your spouse moves out. Later, you'll find out a rough estimate of how much your spouse will be ordered to pay in spousal and child support if you move forward with the divorce.

Talk With a Divorce Attorney

Now that you've gotten your financial information together, it's time to talk with a divorce attorney. This information will be compiled with the information that you've provided about the reasons behind the divorce and other details of the situation.

If your spouse disputes the divorce agreement, the courts can step in and make any changes that they deem necessary. Your attorney will be able to fight those changes and do what's best for you and your kids as you start this new chapter in your life.

Take Care of Yourself

You must take care of yourself as you work through this long process. Get a support system in place, including friends and family who understand the situation and will listen to you when you need to yell, cry or just talk. You will need them to lean on when things get rough.

You don't have to continue living in an unhappy marriage. Don't leave yourself trapped when life is too short to live unhappily.