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Legal Help With The SSD Benefits Application Process

Whether a medical condition is expected to be around for a specific period of time or the rest of your life, it can interfere with the ability to work. Social Security Disability (SSD) is an income option that is available to those who qualify, but it can be difficult to obtain. Many people go through the application process only to find out that they were not approved for the benefits that they need. Take the step of hiring an attorney to help you with the application process if you are planning to apply for benefits. The content below provides an explanation of why it is important for an SSD benefits attorney to be hired.

You Must Find Out if You Are Qualified

Applying for SSD benefits can turn out to be a waste of time if you are not qualified. Rather than going through the entire application process only to be denied, an attorney can let you know if you are qualified in advance. He or she will basically ask you questions that are relevant to meeting the qualifications that the Social Security Administration (SSA) has in place for applicants. For instance, you will be asked about your term of employment and the ability to continue doing the same type of work with the disability. Answer each question truthfully so the attorney can provide the most relevant opinion in regards to your situation.

An Attorney Knows About Medical Evidence

An important part of getting approved for SSD benefits is to prove that you have a medical condition that makes you qualified. You might think that a simple doctors statement is enough for the SSA to approve your application. However, gathering medical evidence that can prove your condition can actually be complicated. An attorney is experienced with working on some cases, so he or she will know the exact evidence that you will need. For instance, you might possibly need to undergo a medical examination that is conducted by a physician who is appointed by the SSA.

Filling Out Documents Can Be Complicated

You will have to fill out numerous documents in order for the application process to get started for SSD benefits. All it takes is to skip one question for the SSA to deny your request for financial assistance. An attorney can actually handle all of the paperwork on your behalf, as well as drop them off at the SSA office.

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