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Types Of Social Security Cases Handled By A Social Security Law Firm

A social security law firm, like Gordon & Pont, handles different types of social security cases. Some of these firms might handle disability cases exclusively, while others may handle just the less common types of social security cases. You may think that there really is nothing that separates the types of social security cases, but there is. See for yourself.

Social Security Retirement

Social security was established as a way to prevent starvation and death for those too old to work anymore. Most people, when they reach retirement age, expect to file for retirement benefits, but not everyone gets them. If you cannot get your retirement benefits, a social security lawyer can help you find out why by appealing the decision letter you were sent regarding your benefits.

Social Security Disability

Those who are unable to work because of a physical or mental disability can also file for benefits. However, these benefits are extremely difficult to get. You could end up homeless in the process if you have nothing else on which to live while you attempt to file your claim.

If you are doing any sort of work for pay, you will also be denied. You need a lawyer in these cases because the first filing and the first appeal are both handled by the local office, but successive appeals are handled at a federal office. To get past the first two filings and/or get your claim accepted, the lawyer can put the pressure on and present proof you may have forgotten to send the first or second time you filed.

Social Security Unusual Circumstances

There are so many unusual circumstances out there, and your lawyer has probably heard of them all. Faulty filing and documentation in the social security office has resulted in living people showing up dead in the system, citizens with no social security number at all, and even identity theft. If you filed a claim and had anything weird or unusual happen with your claim, you definitely need a social security lawyer to take your case. There is no way you are going to come out ahead on your own with any unusual circumstance blocking your way to your benefits.

Social Security for Children

Not many lawyers take cases for social security benefits for children. This is because it is almost unheard of for children with special needs to be denied benefits. However, if your child is denied, a lawyer can pursue your case.