Understanding Legal Challenges

Were You Hit On Your Motorcycle? Prove Your Innocence Now

As a motorcyclist, you have to take extra precautions while you are driving, and you have to be watchful of other drivers for your own protection. If you were injured in a collision with a vehicle and the owner of the vehicle is trying to claim that you were operating your motorcycle dangerously, it's time to reach out to an attorney.  You don't want face consequences from the DMV for the incident, or end up dealing with the medical bills and repair costs. Talk with a motorcycle accident attorney about the following things relevant to your case.

Your Past Driving Record on Your Bike

Your driving record will have a lot to do with the case, and if you can't fight the accusation that you caused the accident, and point the blame on the driver of the vehicle. If you have a clean record, or if it only shows that you have had minor infractions long in the past, this is good for the case. If you have multiple speeding tickets and collisions, it's going to be a hard case.  

Video or Eye Witness Accounts of the Accident

Cameras are in many places, and many you may not even be aware of. There could have been a camera at a stop light, through a business security system, or even at a bank ATM machine that caught the accident. Your attorney will get the police report to see if there is information on it about potential witnesses that didn't make statements.

The Vehicles Black Data Recorder Box

The vehicle involved in the collision should have a black data recorder box. This box could hold information about how fast he driver was going, if they braked, and if they used turn signals. Your attorney may have to get a court order to have this information removed from the vehicle, but it is worth it if it helps your case.

Medical bills can be long an continue until you are fully healed, so you don't want to be at the risk of running out of money to pay yours, because your insurance will only pay so much. Instead, prove that the accident wasn't your fault, press charges against the person that harmed you, and get enough money to fix your bike, pay for your medical bills, and compensate for the stress you have experienced. You will learn more when you speak with a lawyer about the accident and the evidence.