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Offered A Settlement? What To Know

For those who've been injured in an car accident, the offer to settle is almost always welcomed. After all, the personal injury process can take months to come to a conclusion if you have to take your case to court. The amount you get offered and the amount you end up getting are greatly influenced by several factors, so read on to learn more about making sure that your settlement is adequate and fair.

Don't damage your case by speaking out of turn. You will most certainly be called upon by the other side's insurance adjuster at some point. This person's main task is to interview and get your answers recorded, all with the goal of reducing their own liability for the accident. It's so easy to accidentally say something that could harm your case, and you should understand that you are in no way obligated to speak to this adjuster for the other side. Instead, speak to your personal injury attorney.

Allow an expert to handle the negotiations. You are likely not in great physical or mental health because of the accident, so you should get a professional to take over the settlement negotiations. There is a lot at stake and an experienced personal injury attorney understands your wreck, your damages and what you are entitled to get in compensation.

Know what kinds of damages for which you can be compensated. While you probably won't have much trouble being compensated for your wrecked vehicle and having your medical bills covered, that is only part of the story. You are also entitled to two other major forms of damages: your lost wages and pain and suffering. Be ready to provide your attorney with proof of your income and the exact amount of your medical expenses.

Understanding the importance of your medical expenses. Since you know you will be covered for your medical expenses, you may be curious about the need to show proof of your medical expenses. Even if they are completely covered, it's vital that you know and have paperwork to back up the exact dollar amount of your medical expenses, so far, and including any mental health therapy you had to have.This amount is used as the starting factor in a calculation that will ultimately determine both how much you deserve and how much you get offered from the other side. In fact, your pain and suffering monetary payment comes directly out of the seriousness of your injury, which is determined by the dollar amount of your medical expenses.