Understanding Legal Challenges

Understanding Legal Challenges

How Your Spouse May Delay The Divorce Process

The more your divorce process drags on, the more it will cost and the longer you will stay married. Unfortunately, if you are dealing with a bitter or difficult spouse, there are things they can do to prolong the divorce unnecessarily; here are some of those things: Constant Requests and Motions If you are going through a divorce, you may have a pressing issue that yo

Types Of Social Security Cases Handled By A Social Security Law Firm

A social security law firm, like Gordon & Pont, handles different types of social security cases. Some of these firms might handle disability cases exclusively, while others may handle just the less common types of social security cases. You may think that there really is nothing that separates the types of social security cases, but there is. See for yoursel

Were You Hit On Your Motorcycle? Prove Your Innocence Now

As a motorcyclist, you have to take extra precautions while you are driving, and you have to be watchful of other drivers for your own protection. If you were injured in a collision with a vehicle and the owner of the vehicle is trying to claim that you were operating your motorcycle dangerously, it's time to reach out to an attorney.  You don't want face consequ

Going Through A Divorce? What You Should Not Do Until It Is Finalized

If you are currently going through a divorce, there are things you should not do until it is finalized. Doing these things will make the divorce take much longer, as they can cause many problems. Below is some information about this so you can get through the divorce with no problems. Date If you would like to date someone, do not do it until the divorce is over. The

Common Causes Of Pileup Accidents

Pileup accidents tend to cause serious damages and injuries due to the number of vehicles involved. Here are some of the common causes of these accidents: Driving Over the Speed Limit A driver who is speeding is more likely to be involved in a pileup than a driver who is going at safe limits. The main reason for this is that you will need a longer stopping distance an